The Unforgettable Island Resort



  • Departure From Marina Ancol Pier N0. 09
  • Marina Ancol to Putri Island : 08.00
  • Putri Island to Marina Ancol : 14.00
  • Boarding Time : 07.30

Booking Office Putri Island

  • Jl.Sultan Agung No 21 Jakarta Selatan 12980 INDONESIA
  • Phone : ( 021 ) 8281093,8305877,78,79
  • Fax : ( 021 ) 8299002
  • Email :

Welcome to Putri Island

Warm Greetings from Putri Island

Established in 1973, Putri Island has become the pioneer resort in Thousand Island, Indonesia. In 1992, it was further developed by the Putri Island Management by adding new facilities, such as: Tunnel Aquarium, Swimming Pool, Display Aquarium, Terrarium, Tennis Court, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunset Cruise, etc.

Putri Island Harbour in old days

In 2001, Putri Island was awarded "Adikarya Wisata 2001" by Jakarta Governor, Mr. Sutiyoso as a gratitude for improving Jakarta's Tourism. Putri Island management always try to maintain and preserve its nature beauty so that visitors can feel what it's like to be "back in nature".

Today, Putri Island resort is well-known not only to the Indonesian market, but also to the other Asian and European countries. Visitors enjoy spending their holiday or business vacation with friends, relatives, or colleagues in Putri Island because of its nature beauty, facilities, and most importantly the unforgettable experienced they get!







Facilities Putri island

Rental Boat

Water Bee

Undersea Aquarium

Glass Bottom Boat